Sling bag vs. Back pack vs. Luggage bag, Which One Should I Pick?

Do you experience a back pain on carrying a bag? If yes, then probably you haven’t opted for a right kind of bag. The market today is flooded with so many designs and variety of bags, each of them serving different purpose. Choosing the right kind of a bag requires bit of knowledge about them so as to pick the most suitable one for you. Let us now scroll down to educate ourselves about different types of bags and their usage as well.

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Sling Bag

What exactly is a sling bag? Sling bag, is simply a bag with one strap, worn across the torso. Sling bags are worn more forward, below the waistline and are one perfect bag immensely popular among young girls and young women. It’s the bag that suits for all occasions and all outfits. Whether you’re going outdoors or whether you’re going for a party, or a birthday bash, a sling bag is a lifesaver. It looks nice and appealing if worn across the body. Now, let us just take a minute to understand the structure of our shoulder. The part that s closer to the neck is slightly higher than the one near our arms. Thus, if we carry our sling bag simply on one shoulder, then we would constantly lift up that shoulder unconsciously in order to prevent our sling from sliding down. This will strain our shoulder, resulting in shoulder pain. The right way of wearing it is in a cross body manner. This will cause no pressure on your neck and shoulder, thus will prevent any sort of strain.

Sling bag is an ideal choice for you, when you just have to carry few essentials with yourself. You could carry slings on a normal day outing, college and while hanging out with your buddies. You could buy stylish sling bags online through various online shopping stores.


A backpack comes in varying designs and patterns. It comes with two straps for each side of your shoulder, thus there is no fear of your bag slipping off. Does this mean that a backpack will not give you any sort of pain ever? Well, it depends. This is because if you do not carry it in a proper manner, it will surely trouble you. The strap of your bag plays a major role here. If the straps are too long, then the back will lean backward, and in order to oppose the same you will lean forward. This will either lead to a hunched spine or elevated shoulders. Thus, you need to adjust your straps properly to avoid discomfort. Try and keep the bag close to your body and enjoy a painless time. These are best to carry your laptops, files etc. Even kids use them in school to carry their books.

Luggage Bag

Luggage bags come in scene when you are travelling somewhere. Carrying a luggage bag is comparatively easier than the first two as the load and weight of your things has now shifted from your shoulder to the ground. But, here too you need to adjust your handle so as to avoid any sort of jerks or back strain. The handle of your bag should neither be too long, nor too short. Apart from this, even the weight of your bag should not be too much, so as to avoid discomfort.

You could easily buy all such kinds of bags, and even wallets for men and women online on various shopping stores like Amazon, Snapdeal, Tata CLiQ, Myntra, Jabongetc to name just a few.